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Everything is quite simple… The audiobooks are absolutely free. We have the legal right to upload the books, as well as you have the right to download them. All audiobooks have been recorded especially for this website. The texts of the books, presented on this website, belong to the so called “Public Domain” (which means […]


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Do you have the wish to record your favorite book or even several books for the website, so that they become available for free downloading by other users? We will be happy to get some help from you in recording classics. You can attach a test version of your voice in form below and send […]


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If you are the author and have copyright for any kind of book (whether it is a novel, a short story or a how-to-do manual) you can let people download it in audio format free of charge. In case you don’t have your book recorded, we can do it for free. Visitors of will be happy to download your audio book for free and then, consequently, get to know you as an author of this free audiobook. And once got interested in your works, they can start looking for some other books of yours. Isn’t that a great opportunity for you?

Rudyard Kipling - “The wrong thing”, “The Bridge-Builders”

Kipling wrong thing, Bridge-Builders download free audio book

“The wrong thing” story. With Mr Springett, the village builder, Dan meets Sir Harry Dawe, the great master mason of Tudor times, who he had first encountered the previous year. He tells a story of his pride in his work, and the hatred between him and another craftsman, Benedetto, who was jealous of his skills. […]

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Jerome K. Jerome - Three men in a boat

free audio book Jerome Three men in a boat

Jerome Klapka Jerome is an English writer, whose talent and humor have managed to amaze and conquer the entire world. His unique style is sweet and simultaneously bitter; his jokes are evident, and yet so full of implicit significance. You can easily download Jerome K. Jerome’s audio book “Three men in a boat” for free […]

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Charles Dickens - Oliver Twist (part 1 from 3 – Chapters 1 – 15)

free audio book Oliver Twist Charles Dickens

Experience the adventures of Oliver Twist, a little orphan with heavy fate, yet big heart, who will certainly become an inspiration both for children and for grown-ups for years to come. Like many of his later novels, Charles Dickens dedicated “Oliver Twist” to the theme of hardship faced by the dispossessed and those of the […]

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